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New Paul Haig interview by Chi Ming Lai at The Electricity Club here


Metamorphosis CD - 'extended-mix post-punk pop-funk to lo-fi electronic ghostscapes'. 4 star review in Mojo Magazine.


Metamorphosis – album Review - 'a thorough and thoroughly intriguing compilation' louder than war


Paul Haig - Metamorphosis [TWI 096 CD] is an archive 2 x CD collection of singles, demos and experimental tracks recorded by Paul Haig between 1981 and 1983 - here

DAVID BOWIE – BLACKSTAR (2016) – Guest Contributor: Paul Haig - thenewperfectcollection


Josef K - It's Kinda Funny [TWI 022] vinyl only collection of classic singles by iconic Scottish post-punk guitar group here


Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure album review. Guest contributor – Paul Haig - thenewperfectcollection


Peek-a-Boo music and film magazine - Paul Haig top 10 albums here


Listen to Paul's 75 minute mixtape on The Voice of Cassandre at Mixcloud here


New release - Paul Haig 2 x CD compilation - 'At Twilight' (preview) 

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'there's nothing black and white in this selection of singles, B-sides, album tracks and a previously unreleased 1984 album heard here in its entirety'..The List 


'rhythmic, melodic and influential synth-pop'. 5/5..Flipside Reviews


'Its release deservedly puts some of the best songs from the post-punk era back into the limelight'..TEC


Kube reviews..

'lunar hiccups, sepulchral samples and funky guitar-playing'. Uncut

'trip out to these odd and utterly original space jams'. DrownedinSound

'some kind of space age jazz akin to Miles Davis transported to the digital age armed with a knowledge of the latest technology and innovation'. Louder Than War

'subtly textured mood music flitting between light and shade from former Josef K man' . The List

'Kube has more than a few flashes of pop brilliance and some distinctly experimental sonic excursions as well'..The Herald

'take the time to check out one of the most exciting and unusual albums you may hear this year'. 17 Seconds

' It's rather bewitching, a multi-dimensional journey into sound worth taking' . Flipside Reviews

'some albums just grab your attention from the start and ‘Kube’ by the former Josef K front-man Paul Haig does just that'. stevomusicman

BLOW-UP # 191

BLOW-UP # 191

Blow-Up # 191 (April 2014) Italy.


Kube t-shirts available here..




Kube digital..


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UW2B/Red Rocks

Catalog Number: ROL 024

2013 Rhythm Of Life

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Radio On.. 


plays for new single on BBC Radio 6 Music Marc Riley show, Tom Morton BBC Radio Scotland.. Album tracks too on 6 Music Gideon Coe show.Tracks played on the BBC


AmazingRadio Jim Gellatly show. Simon Raymonde Show.


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